Nestled inthe heart of New Jersey are a few small towns believing in original ideas andconcepts when it comes to education. Progressive Physical Education programs are very few and far between butthe Black Horse Pike Regional School District is on the cutting edge onimplementing technology.

Theybelieve that enhancing pupils’ growth by providing them with a creative,purposeful, and ethical atmosphere.  They are dedicated to providing theirpupils an opportunity to achieve academic goals, develop good citizenshipskills, and make a positive contribution to society.

During this pursuit of excellent programs the Black Horse PikeRegional School District wanted to find something they could bring to theirphysical education program that was new, innovative, and exciting.  After thorough investigation they decidedthat adding a multiplayer interactive dance product would be the best fit.

Now when it comes to choosing the best multiplayer dance product,there can be a ton of factors to look at. Ease of use, simultaneous difficulty levels, feedback, and a qualityproduct are only a few that create a well rounded social atmosphere.  After much deliberation they came to theconclusion that by far the best product out there for their needs was thePositive Gaming iDANCE 2 System.

The Positive Gaming iDANCE2 Multiplayer system is a fun andchallenging group exercise dance game of both perceptive and physical skill. Itis simple to learn, exciting to play and offers users a wide range of levels toplay and achieve. It provides a wholesome exercise gaming experience for up to32 players at the same time.

The original creators of the multiplayer dance concept have workedclosely with connected partners and employees worldwide to develop the conceptto a premium level. Through a network of partners and employees, they were ableto tap into some of the most knowledgeable people with backgrounds from gamedevelopment, fitness, fitness within games, leisure, arcade games and manymore. This allows them a unique position to deliver products which are idealfor providing cognitive, social and physical development for players whilesimultaneously delivering a fun and engaging experience. All of their productsare engineered to the highest specifications to withstand many years withineven the most intense environments.

The iDANCE 2 system is a truly unique experience that makes it ideal for fitness centers,schools, YMCAs, park districts, leisure centers and any other place with a needfor group play/group fitness.  If youwould like to learn more about the iDANCE system and how it changed the BlackHorse Pike Regional School District contact Exergame Fitness at your earliestconvenience.

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