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We always love seeing schools branch out and try Exergaming to pave the way for others in the future. It is a big step to take, so when one school invests in Exergaming, others around soon follow once they see what the equipment can do. Pittsville School District located in central Wisconsin chose to have two CardioWall Compacts and an iDance system installed, both multiplayer systems.

Coming in right in time for the winter months, the interactive fitness equipment will help the kids stay active during the cold season. The school has a K-12 structure while the building the Exergaming equipment is in holds K-8 grades.

CardioWall Compact Duos by Rugged Interactive
CardioWall Compact Duos by Rugged Interactive

The CardioWall and iDance combination is a perfect mix to experience the basics of Exergaming and what it has to offer. With the resources we offer, from fitness games to workout programs (and kids left to find fun ways to play themselves), these machines will keep these kids engaged and active for some time to come.

The iDance is great as a machine that will serve large group activities and will be easy to pick up. With the DDR style gameplay, it won’t be hard at all to get kids to be active when before they may not be. It is also great for younger kids because of the individual progress tracking on the iDance system, everyone goes at their own pace while play together, everyone feels less pressured and has more fun.

While on the other side, the CardioWall Compacts while appealing to everyone will be more attractive to those kids who are already staying active. It is easy to do speed training, reaction training, and simple cardio exercises with these machines. Even those who are not already active will get a lot of use out of the machine, it really is a versatile piece of equipment. Here are some simple exercises that can be done with something like a a Sandbell or light weight.

With some sort of group activity or ‘stations’ in a gym class these machines can excel these kids into the fitness world. We can’t wait to see how it works out for Pittsville and hopefully we will be seeing more equipment there and around the area. Being the #1 provider of interactive fitness and gaming products we are always looking to expand the world of Exergaming.

Our philosophy is to create fun, exciting environments where the worlds of technology and fitness intersect.


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