PS3: the console with Exergame built-in


At this week’s E3 show in Los Angeles, Sony’s PS3 has succeeded in being one of the major show breaking news. The console will be released in November 2006, Worldwide…

What’s the link with exergames?
The controller!!

Sony will integrate on all its PS3s, through its standard controller, a motion sensor, allowing for far more real-life-like interactivity with the game, through the moves of your arms.
We can qualify this news as major, as it means that soon, millions of people will have an exergame device in their home… That claim is simple: Sony previous playstation launches have met tremendous successes, with over 100 million playstation 2 shipped to this date.

The motion sensor, with 360-degree capabilities, has been demonstrated through WarHawk, an air combat game.