Last week we once again attended the Sport & Fitness trade show at the Naperville High School in Naperville, IL. An annual tradition of giving students and institute day and allowing companies and organizations from the sports & fitness industry, to present products/concepts. Since this is in our neck of the woods we try to make it to this show every year we can.

This year was special because we had a special new product to show off, the Reax Lights – perfect for Physical Education in schools of all ages. This was a fun opportunity to test out the new addition to the Exergaming family, as well as seeing how well it engaged the kids playing. What made it even more special was one of our partners Polar Tracking was present as well.

We were able to test out both products in tandem with one another and everyone had a blast. The students/kids wore a Polar watch while we tested out custom workouts/games on the Reaxing tablet. We were able to see everyone’s heart rate and other physical statistics blown up on the wall with a projector. It really went a long way in showing that you can have a full group fitness gym/PE class with interactive fitness equipment, without breaking the bank. When a school or class need flexibility or mobility these two are more than ideal for any PE teacher. Take a look at a few photos of people playing with Reax Lights & Polar below:










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