The new iDance DDR Multiplayer system from Positive Gaming has been launched and available at Exergame Fitness USA!

This unique DDR technology allows each student to choose his or her level of experience–beginner, intermediate, or advanced–and compete with others at the same level for a true one-of-a-kind experience. Since students are exercising continuously and don’t have to stop to take turns (as on the limited “live” pads of other dance systems), this system can help them meet the recommended NASPE moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) guidelines.

Over 100 heart-pumping songs from a variety of genres guide the steps, with no distracting or questionable graphics or lyrics to divert students’ attention. Students gauge their progress through real-time scoring, early/late timing indicator, and direct player feedback in all game modes. Song packs and software updates will be available to keep students motivated and the system adaptable for increased functionality.

Extremely durable, heavy-duty plastic composite wireless platforms with honeycomb construction are only 19.9 lb each, making them significantly lighter than other dance platforms. Platforms operate for 70 continuous hours on one charge; all elements are replaceable. Easily upgrade your system by adding additional platforms at any time. Weight capacity 550 lb. Fully assembled. Truck delivery.

Complete systems are available for 4, 8, 16, and 32 players. Each system contains:
• Dedicated computer with iDANCE software and 3,700-lumen WXGA projector
• Wireless Dance Platforms (34-1/2″L x 34-1/2″W x 1″ thick)
• Custom A/V cart with mixer, amplifier, speakers, wireless mic system, cooling system, surge protector, speaker stands, and locking drawer
• Platform chargers, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, and remote control

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