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One of our best selling products at Exergame Fitness is the CardioWall Compact Duo, and with reason. It is a very simple cardio based machine that offers lots of depth with its games and exercises. Its also the perfect size, it doesn’t take up much room at all and is still accessible to adults even though it is geared toward children. You can see the Rugged Interactive CardioWall here on the their website, along with all the other products in the CardioWall line.

Last month we did a job at the PGA Resort & Spa installing the Rugged Interactive CardioWall Compact duos. We touched on what benefits it was brinning to their ‘Cubs Club’ (kids room) and why they chose it. To sum it up, it keeps kids active and occupied while they are having a good time. To learn more about the Rugged Interactive CardioWall line we reached out to the founder and CEO of Rugged Interactive, Simon Heap, this is what he had to say:

rugged interactive cardiowall
Rugged Interactive logo.

“Whilst developing the CardioWall® we quickly worked out that some of our users were a little small to take full advantage of the benefits it provides – so after a quick sketch on the back of an envelope the CardioWall Compact® was born. Physically smaller, but with virtually all the versatility of the full size CardioWall.

My kids are between 8 – 12 and they were the first test pilots as we worked through different games, timings and setups until they were satisfied, the pickiest customers we’ve ever had.

Best used in pairs the Compacts have proven particularly popular in education where their 10 pods can be used as the basis of teaching maths through physical activity. We also introduced a battle game where 2 users can try to knock their pads out before the other – always super popular!”

We love hearing and seeing how passionate people are about their products in the fitness industry, especially the Rugged Interactive CardioWall line. We know that care and thought goes into the making of the machines, no cutting corners. If you are an adult an the CardioWall Compact Duo appeals to you but it seems too tiny, check out the CardioWall Pro-X.

At Exergame Fitness we are always looking for new technology based products and integration, especially fitness tracking software/hardware. We were excited to read about Rugged Interactive’s FitMakr Pro. So we ask Simon briefly about this new program as well:

“Now in its version2 format and with beautifully colourful, customisable and replaceable front graphic panels we are also developing a new edition of our popular FitMakr Pro® data tracking software to integrate fully with the Compacts.

With some exciting new features this new software will enhance the Compact’s relevance in any facility where the CardioWalls might be a little on the large side.”

We cannot wait to get our hands on that and see how it works. If you want to see more of the Rugged Interactive CardioWall line and the Compact Duo you can see that page here, and to purchase it here. Rugged Interactive is a leader in innovation in the interactive fitness and Exergaming world and we look forward to continuing our great relationship for years to come. You can find links to some of their social media pages below.




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