Midland Independent School District is a public school district in Midland, Texas. Midland ISD contains 35 campuses, two 6A high schools, 24 elementary schools, and two early education centers.

iDance is an enjoyable and challenging group exercise dance game of visual perception and physical skill. If you want to incorporate a dance workout into your establishment, then this system is the right way to go. It is simple to learn, exciting to play and offers a wide range of levels to take on and master.

Recently the Midland School District added the Multiplayer iDANCE System to their Health and Physical Education program.  The iDANCE 2 system has a variety of features that set it apart as a truly unique experience and make it ideal for schools and any other place with a need for group play/group fitness.  This system can get anywhere from 4 to 32 kids active at once!

Contact us to learn more about how the iDANCE system can be a supplemental fun fitness program for your schools!