The Exergame Fitness demo team showed up at Lake Park High School in Illinois to demonstrate the iDANCE System by Positive Gaming. The iDance system was brought to a local School in Illinois with well over 500+ kids playing the system throughout the day.

The iDance Multiplayer system was created and designed for environments such as Fitness Centers, Schools, JCC’s, YMCA’s, Park Districts and more. The Positive Gaming™ iDANCE Multiplayer System offers up to 32 wireless dance platforms for simultaneous play with up to three separate difficulty levels on screen at once.

The Positive Gaming™ iDANCE Multiplayer system is a fun and challenging group exercise dance game of both perceptive and physical skill. It is simple to learn, exciting to play and offers users a wide range of levels to play and achieve. It provides a wholesome exercise gaming experience for up to 32 players at the same time.

The iDANCE system can be purchased at or by calling (847) 963-8969.