Asthe Physical Education Department Chair at Sierra Vista Jr. High School, ourPE program hosts PE Demonstrations for educators, principals,superintendents, and community leaders from all around the country to come andsee the “New PE”curriculum in action. The demonstrations are designed to getthem excited about the possibilities on how a comprehensive curriculum isimplemented on a daily basis and the variety of equipment that is used toincrease fitness activities.  With the use of technology, we can showthe accountability the students have for an objective grade. We want thedemonstrations to inspire creativity and rejuvenate awareness for a lifetime ofphysical activity. 

Over the years, wehave had numerous PEP grant winners come to our PE Demonstrations to learn howto implement the PEP grant, learn Best Teacher Practice, learn howAcademics/Fitness improves scores, how to implement 21st Century Technology andmuch more. On October 26th, we held our 1st PE Demonstration of the2012-2013 school year.  We had visitors from the Alvord SchoolDistrict  (2012 PEP Grant recipient) from Riverside, California andNike representatives.  Here is a glmpse of what they saw and learned. 

1.  ThePE Demonstration begins with Administrators explaining our PE Philosophy,Mission and our History of what we have accomplished.

2.  Visitorsget a Tour of Teacher Best Practice

3.  Visitorsget to experience the HopSports Exercise Training System and Motion + in ourGym.  During this time, our visitors get to see first hand how we trackstudents Live Heart Rate through Polar’s Cardio GX system.  All 56students HR data being displayed for students to stay in their Healthy FitnessZone

4. Visitors getto see how we incorporate our Survivor program.  This Team CooperativeLearning component is essential for all students to learn on how to worktogether. 

5.  Visitors getto experience our Trikke’s on our 200 meter course.  This 3 wheel carvingvehicle is a great alternative for students to move and promote fitness

6.  Visitors getexperience our Fitness Center.  In the Fitness Center, they get to see 3different sections of Exercise.  1.  25 piece Weight/RehabilitationLab, 2)  50 piece ExerGaming section which consists of Xavix, DDR, VirtualBikes and a Traverse Rock Wall and 3) 55 piece Cardio Education component thatincorporates Academic Review

7. Visitors getto experience how our classroom teacher’s incorporate movement into their dailylessons by the use of Brain Breaks.

8. Visitor’s get toexperience how our Math Department utilize the Brain Bike in the computer lab. 

9.  Visitorshave a Roundtable discussion with me regarding what they experienced and howthey could improve on their current Physical Education program

10.  I present aVideo/Powerpoint presentation to our visitors regarding implementation of thePEP grants, improving Teacher Best practice, sustaining a ComprehensivePhysical Education program, how to involve community support, buildpartnerships and how to make their Physical Education program FUN!