After sending out our Exergame Fitness press release for the new and exciting Gamercize products we are selling, I was sitting at home tonight and figured I would do a simple search online looking for someone that has documented Exergaming products back to the 1980’s where I remember seeing similar products out today like the Wii Fit etc. After about 10 minutes I came across an amazing website called BB Gadgets and they had exactly what I was looking for!

Ok, so you really want to see where Exergaming originated from? Well, click this link and visit Boing Boing Gadgets to see that Exergaming was around as early as 1982. I was 8 at he time and I still remember the Nintendo Joyboard for the Atari 2600. Growing up as a hardcore gamer, I can “geekly” say that I have owned every game system since the “Pong TV” my parents bought for us back in the day with built in controllers.

As you can see in my picture to the left, I think I might have an obsession with videogames as many kids of my age might of had and still do.

I am happy to see all of the new modern improvements and really enjoyed reading how the games in the past were the foundation to the birth of Exergaming…Its a great read…

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