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Stationary bikes are nothing new in the fitness world, in fact they are old news in a way. Most of the bikes out there can do the same things, varying slightly from model to brand. Like most other traditional exercise equipment it suffers from being outdated at times and lacking motivational tools for the person using it. Virtual Cycling is the fix to this problem, putting the excitement, engagement, and motivation back into stationary bikes.

Not to say that traditional cycling is flawed or a bad thing, but virtual cycling has changed the way you can approach group fitness classes. Spivi is a fitness company that specializes in making virtual cycling products and software. They have multiple stationary bikes hooked up to a computer that displays their own cycling ‘game’ on TV or screen. Each ‘player’ is given their own avatar on a bike that moves with them, the speed and their relative position they are in game displays on the screen.

Watch the short video below to get a better visual of what the Spivi Studio Virtual Cycling system is all about:

Spivi combined the traditional stationary bike with the concepts of gamification, to create this virtual cycling experience. Reminiscent of old arcade multiplayer racing games, Spivi Studio creates a less competitive, more individualistic racing game.

From the Spivi website:

“Spivi® Studio is an innovative 3D simulator system made for indoor cycling studios and fitness clubs who want to increase revenue and recruit more customers.”

Spivi’s virtual cycling system is perfect for group fitness classes at health clubs and gyms. Trainers have help keeping people motivated with the visual feedback on the screen which helps with larger groups. Spivi Studio also features progress tracking, where the instructors and trainers can go and look at individual progress of members in the class. These two features alone have made the system very popular at big health clubs around the country, whether it being offered as part of a membership or paid classes.

Get in the race today and get the Spivi Studio! We offer it in different options and packages on our website.

Our philosophy is to create fun, exciting environments where the worlds of technology and fitness intersect.


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