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As always we love sharing our customers great success stories with their exergaming and interactive fitness products. This week we are taking a look at the Boys & Girls Club of Benton County and their success with their CardioWall and iDance 2 systems.

Boys & Girls Clubs are a great location to see kids experience exergaming at – you can see a wide range of different kids getting to try different new things on all the machines. Even if they don’t come to the club to play on the CardioWall every day, they are still learning that fitness and being active can be fun. It is a great location to teach fundamental fitness movements, values, and ideas.

First all of the kids were excited about the new machines and everyone had a nice period of just trying things out and messing around. Then after a few weeks the youth fitness leaders dug into the programming and guides more, and with their own expertise are now able to long/effective workouts for the kids. The fact that these game are multiplayer make a huge difference as well. Kids can play for fun and together with the iDance, while you can have more intense competitions on  the CardioWall. Below is a great quote from the unit director over at Benton County, Adam Cribbs.

“So our setup is pretty straightforward. The iDance is popular in and of itself without any real ‘programming’ going on with it, so we just set that up a couple times a week and let them play. The CardioWall was popular for the first couple weeks because it was something new, but now we’ve started strategizing some different programs and activities to get kids more involved with it. Competition is key so we want to set a leaderboard up for each game. The cones are great for a lot of things we already do like relays and other activities that require movement around the gym!”

Adam Cribbs, Unit Director – Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton County

Stay tuned for more exergaming success stories, and industry news on interactive fitness products. Also don’t miss us March 21st-24th at IHRSA 2016 in Orlando, Florida!

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