exergaming-in-ilIt has now been a few months since we brought Exergaming over to the Bloomington YMCA and they have been very successful with their youth programs ever since! The Bloomington, IL YMCA received an EyePlay Floor system and a 4-player iDance 2 system for their youth fitness and youth recreation programs. Both of these systems of perfect for engaging kids who may not be into sports or fitness yet, it keeps them moving and smiling at the same time. For more interactive products for children check out our Playground X room solution.

Central Illinois YMCAs has now heavily invested in Exergaming, we have installed major interactive fitness rooms at the Bloomington YMCA, Decatur YMCA, and the Springfield YMCA. Our home state of Illinois is a proud home of many Exergaming locations and facilities, from Chicago all the way down to the other end of the state. It is inspiring seeing so many YMCAs, schools, and health clubs take on the concept of Exergaming and interactive fitness, right next door to us. Please, take a look at the image to the right to see an installation map across the state of Illinois!

It is great to see Central Illinois take such a great interest in the Exergaming movement. They help solidify the concept for each other and are slowly building up a network of Exergaming rooms for their youth. In recent years, McLean and Macon County, have suffered from bad youth obesity issues. We are pleased knowing that our equipment helps fight this problem in some way, engaging kids and pushing them towards being physically active.

We will continue delivering Exergaming and interactive fitness to schools, health clubs, and YMCAs all across Illinois and our great nation to fight youth obesity and improve fitness engagement. YMCAs and youth fitness have been the cornerstone of Exergame Fitness and will continue to be.

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