Last month we talked about our upcoming installation at Court One Athletic Club, and now we have a follow-up report of how the room looks and functions! We installed a couple pieces of unique Exergaming equipment in a childcare area, that has a ton of other amenities other than our equipment. One of the coolest features in the room is a giant inflatable ‘basketball court’. It is possible to play basketball, soccer, dodgeball, boxing, jousting, volleyball, or just jump & bounce around for fun.

We installed the following Exergaming equipment in the Court One Athletic Club childcare area:

This product mix is perfect to have a piece of equipment that can serve any application. From reaction/speed training to interactive projection to tons of multiplayer games, this selection of products is ideal for Court One.

Our equipment compliments the room extremely well by fitting in the empty spaces they had before perfectly. The 3-Kick and T-wall 32 sit right next to the inflatable court, making a nice cozy & centralized area for the kids to play safely in. The MotionMagix Floor and Trailblazer also fit well on the other side of the room as its own sort of area, perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy themselves in the room. Take a look below at some photos of the Court One Athletic Club childcare area & Exergaming equipment. See the full photo gallery here. [SMUGMUG]

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