The network of YMCA facilities that have Exergaming equipment continues to be extremely successful and popular attractions. We constantly hear about how well our equipment is doing in their interactive fitness rooms or youth fitness areas. From having CBS news do a report at the Rye YMCA to a smaller club continuing to make their members happy, we love hearing how well our equipment is serving our customers.

One of the things that many facilities, not only YMCAs, will do is breathe new life into the equipment/room with an “Exergame Room Refresh”. This is a very common occurrence for facilities that have had success with our equipment to follow this route. For example, recently we returned to the South Suburban Recreation Center in Colorado to assist in an Exergame Room Refresh. Even more recently the Norwich YMCA has given their Exergaming equipment a refresh by placing them in a newly finished fitness space and reorganizing the layout of the room. Check out some of the photos below, and for comparison, click here for the previous Norwich YMCA Exergaming space.

Any health club or fitness center that wants to get people back into Exergaming don’t need to reinvest in a whole room. Adding a single product or two to the space years later, combined with a shift in the layout, makes it feel like an entirely new fitness area without the cost that comes with it.

Locations like the Norwich YMCA that own a T-Wall 64, 3-Kick, Heavy Ball or a multitude of other Exergaming products can download our free app to get access to our Exergaming Product Programming. As well as access to the growing library of 1800+ workouts on the UpDown Fitness app. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more Exergaming news and updates. Want to know more about interactive fitness & Exergaming? Contact us! Stay tuned for more updates and news on interactive fitness & Exergaming!