exergaming-in-seattleOne of our biggest markets for years has been YMCA associations across the United States. Of these associations, there are several that have taken in the concept of Exergaming and spread it throughout locations in their association. The fastest growing Exergaming rooms are taking place in the Seattle YMCA Association, we have installed Exergaming rooms and interactive fitness equipment at the Auburn Valley, Coal Creek, Dale Turner, Matt Griffin, Northshore, and Sammamish YMCAs.

Seattle YMCAs Understand Exergaming

Whether it be a few pieces of equipment or an entire room solution for their youth, the Seattle YMCAs have a deep dedication to Exergaming. The two top pieces of equipment installed across all locations are the Exerbike GS systems and the T-Wall 64. Some very popular add-ons to these youth fitness rooms are the 3-Kick and Heavy Ball for their ability to have 2-3+ kids play on them at once.

We have been back to visit several locations for additional training, installations, and events that show us that they are getting all they can out of the equipment, and they continue to grow in popularity. There are several youth drop-in programs, childcare services, general ‘open area’ play, and much more for the youth at the YMCAs to take full advantage of the Exergaming equipment.

Take a look at the map of the Seattle YMCA locations on the right, and see how Exergaming has spread across the greater Seattle area! We hope to spread the interactive fitness concept even further throughout the city and state, making Exergaming a nationwide trend.

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