Recently we ventured down to Centennial, Colorado to assist a park and recreation center. The South Suburban center already has some great Exergaming equipment for their eXerGame Zone, Active Wall Games and Active Floor Games. Roughly 5 years ago they purchased Exergaming equipment from us which even today is heavily used, and is one of the biggest draws at their rec center. After 5 years any fitness space needs a reboot, and as such the South Suburban needed to refresh theirs a bit. Instead of adding a piece of traditional fitness equipment to compliment the equipment or going in another direction, they reinvested in Exergaming, getting an EyePlay Interactive Projection Floor unit. We often offer room solutions but adding a piece of interactive fitness equipment to refresh a room, (or an ‘Exergame Room Refresh’) is a cheaper and easier way to liven up any fitness space.

Their eXerGame Zone is a unique youth fitness room in their entertainment area for existing members but is also a part of some packages they offer. If you wanted to spend the day having fun at South Suburban you could purchase a Family Sports Fun Pass for a day. This gives you access to the eXerGame Zone as well as all the other amenities of their entertainment centers and outdoor facilities. Take a look at the full list of offered amenities below:

“For $16.95 the Family Sports Fun Pass gives you unlimited access to:

  • Bumper cars
  • Climbing wall
  • eXerGame Zone
  • Ice skating, during public skating times (skate rental)
  • Inflatable obstacle course
  • Laser tag
  • Miniature golf (weather permitting)”

On this trip, we added to their Exergaming area with an EyePlay Floor Gold pack, packed with tons of games for their youth. This piece is the perfect addition to the younger age group of kids that will use the room. It allows multiplayer for every game and can be set up in a playlist so there is nothing to worry about!

The South Suburban Recreation Center has over time developed a proven Exergame Room and is a prime example of how to do an Exergame Room Refresh. But The South Suburban Parks and Recreation Center is not done with Exergaming! They plan on expanding their Exergaming and interactive fitness space in the future with the success of the EyePlay Floor with their children. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more Exergaming news and updates. Want to know more about interactive fitness & Exergaming? Contact us! Stay tuned for more updates and news on interactive fitness & Exergaming!