The state of New York is facing some serious weather rightnow, but next week if the state survives the New York AHPERD will be hostingtheir annual Suffolk Zone conference where over 800 physical educationteachers, school administrators, and fitness industry personal will gettogether and showcase the latest methods at bringing children into healthyactive lifestyles.    This year you will find the Suffolk Zone eventat Sachem School District which has made some huge advancements in theirphysical education program by incorporating Exergaming.  Exergaming takes interactive video game experiencesand crosses them with fitness, creating a fun and engaging way toexercise.   Studies are showing thatExergaming is an effective way to encourage and motivate students to behealthier and more effective at school.  Sachem, considered a pioneer in the physical education world, is veryexcited to showcase their new facility November 6th, 2012 to all thePE instructors that are attending, with the hopes sharing their success and willpromote other schools to soon follow suit.

Suffolk Zone has invited Exergame Fitness to come out andtalk about the Webracing Exergame Cycles and iDance dance game systems toexplain how they work and the benefits of. We are excited to be able to talk about the new ways to get childrenexercising this year at Suffolk Zone.  For more information on the event, please visit the Suffolk ZoneConference event page found at this link: Suffolk Zone 2012