Once again we have rented out some T-Wall units on the other side of the world for some exciting marketing events. The most recent event we helped out with was the Grand Opening of a Reebok retail store in South Korea. This week our T-Walls are making an appearance at the 30th Annual Riyadh Motor Show in Saudi Arabia at the Toyota Motorshow Booth. Check out some photos and more information on the motorshow here on their Facebook event page.

This was organized and set up by our partners in the area, the AddameghGroup. They then worked with another local marketing/branding company, the Arkan Business Group, see their Facebook page here. We have worked with these organizations in the past and they have been helpful and pleasant!

This trade show is a great example of how Exergaming is becoming a worldwide trend, not just a nationwide one. Our partners we work with in the area are dedicated to the interactive fitness movement and see tons of applications for the equipment. This is not the first time we have been to the Middle East with Exergaming, a couple years back we presented some equipment in Dubai. It may take some time but Exergaming is making its way into almost every continent in the world!

See our T-Walls at the beginning of this video – complete with custom branding! For more information on Exergaming at Marketing Events check out our in-action page here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more Exergaming news and updates!