New products like the Nexersys keep the Exergaming market fresh bycombining technology, games, and fitness.   Exercise and getting a great workout does not need to be work, itdoes not need to be boring, it can be fun and engaging.  All goodExergaming products will do this.

Commercial grade Exergame products have been used for many yearsin health clubs and non-profit facilities around the world.  They startedout targeted towards kids to keep them active while playing games. Over the years Exergameproducts and Exergame rooms have grown to be used by kids, adults, and seniorsalike.

There is a big difference between Exergame products used infitness club settings verse Exergame products used at home like the Wii andXbox Kinect.  Club Exergame products are very durable, require a lot ofmovement to play, encourage social interaction, and have a lot of variety.

“The best commercial products are always upgrading and coming outwith new software or games,” says Ed Kasanders of Exergame Fitness, a companythat combines the products, creates exercising programs, and tracksparticipation in Exergame rooms across the country.

“It’s great to have new products.  Nexersys is a new comer tothe Exergaming and Active Gaming world and highlights what can be done withexercise equipment. Target based interactive fitness products use game elementsto progress the user through levels according to their ability.”

Target Games in the market offer a great variety of styles.  Nexersys tends to focus on the advanced adultuser with complex movements and feedback.  Other products like 3 Kickbase their approach on simple active game play for all ages and ability levelswhether they let you hit targets with your hands or feet. A product like Makoto Arena offers a variety of simple play features through advanced programmingwith precise movements.  The TWall is another product that isextremely durable and offers great exercise for everyone.

New products to be released in the future like the Exergame Stationlet you play DDR style games with your hands and a punching bag.  Thisshows promise as recognized by TEN – The Exergame Network who gave theExergame Station best new commercial product for 2011, even though it has notbeen released yet.  We expect it hitting the Exergame Market very soon!

To see a full line of proven and effective Target based trainingproducts for your health club, non-profit center or school visit the ExergameFitness website,