College Station, TX:  Texas A&M Student Recreation Center displays the BrainBike for its student population.

Combing the latest research in Brain Training – in order to improve memory, reflexes, concentration, and a complete range of mental abilities – along with an advanced exercise bike developing aerobic and cardio health.

Students get Brain brakes by playing 22 different fun and engaging software Exergames.

“What we are doing is giving students the ability to process and improve their memory by playing Exergames.  We are not giving them actual material that they are currently studying.  We want them to take a break from study, but still be able to improve their Academic success.  The efficient workout exercises the body (with a bike) and the Brain (with Neuroactive software) simultaneously through fun game play” adds Dr. Bergeron, Presdint Brain Center of America.

“We see students across the country on every College campus getting a tremendous benefit from the BrainBike.  If this product is positioned along with any other piece of Cardio equipment on the floor, students will gravitate to the product that lets them play cool games.  The BrainBike Neoractive software program has 22 brain games designed to work different parts of the brain, providing a complete Brain Fitness workout.  In addition, they can check their email, chat, and collaborate with others while exercising”.  Ed Kasanders, President of Motion Fitness.