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The 8th Annual Achieve Fitness USA Business Conference kicked off in Las Vegas, NV with great success! The event being held on September 23rd-25th brought in some of the most unique minds in the fitness industry to discuss ways to start, grow, and expand their business plans.

The event kicked off with Peter Twist of Twist Sport Conditioning giving an inspirational speech revolving around motivating cliental to not only have a healthy body, but a healthy mind as well.  Peter went into great detail on how Twist Sports Conditioning is quickly becoming a favorite among licensing owners and a great money producer. These classes are great for improving training skills and camps, classes, and for training athletes for performance improvement.

We were then introduced to Kathleen Maier and her “100 Ideas for Small Budgets and Big Ideas”.  She gave as an in depth look into spreading every penny you have around in as many business opportunities as possible.  It was a great look into product marketing, professional development, and cross marketing.

After some great discussions the first day we were introduced to the benefits of the FFP program and how to look into different revenue streams as much as possible.  The message was very clear that a lot of hard work would be needed to accomplish the goals you set forward but anything would be attainable.

Speaking of looking at different revenue streams the next lecture was given on the benefits of Exergaming and looking how it could help their organization.  The basis of the lecture revolved around informational pieces on what Exergaming is and how it can help fight childhood obesity.  One of the main things we feel at Exergame Fitness is the fact that every child needs to find that one thing that they love, that one thing that keeps them active, and more of all that one thing that makes them happy; with Exergaming we try and tie all those things together in one and give a child an experience they never could have imagined!

The lecture also focused around how using technology is something that every organization needs to look into whether their big or small.  Technology is everywhere and continues to evolve everyday.  With the increase in technology it is now easier for people to find ways to motivate students through video games as well as monitor their activity.  Through the activity monitoring devices that Exergame Fitness now uses we are able to track, compete, and reward all different types of physical activity.  Through these devices it will provide our future generations an opportunity to monitor how much they exercise and help set attainable goals they can reach throughout the program.

The final part of the lecture revolved around why these fitness companies need Exergaming equipment.  It is very tough for some of these kids to be motivated to run on a treadmill, or go lift weights to be active; but with Exergaming and video games it is something their familiar with and feel comfortable trying.  It is our hope that through these discussions with the Achieve Fitness members that we will provide them with another opportunity to find ways to bring in new members, benefit from different revenue streams, and keep kids fit and active in the process!

Parker Johnson
Project Manager
Exergame Fitness USA

Our philosophy is to create fun, exciting environments where the worlds of technology and fitness intersect.


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