The All New Dogfight Active Gaming Flight Simulator has Arrived!! Pedal your way to fitness in this realistic flight simulator that has multiplayer capabilities and amazing graphics! Kids love it!

Dogfight is a full featured flight simulator interfaced with a high end exercise bike. The user propels the plane by pedaling and controls it using spring loaded handles at his side. The game uses stunning graphics and sound to transform the user from the drudgery of the stationary exercise bike to the stimulating world of virtual flight. There are several worlds to explore including a painted desert, a fierce winter landscape, a tropical archipelago, a wondrous cityscape and even another world.

Users can choose between several futuristic aircraft. Once the player has mastered the art of flight, battle awaits. Players can match up with other players in the gym or over the internet for an exciting game of aerial combat. Both the “Fly Solo” and “Dogfight” modes of the game can be played competitively. Users can go to our website to compare their scores and win/loss records. There, they can also invite their friends, meet new adversaries, get tips on playing the game and configure their profiles.

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