The world’s leading provider of exergaming equipment, products and services, “Exergame Fitness” is pleased to announce the grand opening of the “Gold’s Gym Exergame Express VAULT Room” located in downtown Green Bay,Wisconsin.

This brand new state-of-the-art facility houses 18,000 square feet of modern fitness equipment and the latest in exergaming products for all members.

The concept of the “exergame express room” is to offer all Gold’s Gym members a taste of what exergaming is all about while keeping Wisconsin kids healthy, active and engaged with interactive fitness products that generate activity level.

Tommy Seilheimer Vice President of Exergame Fitnes adds:

“Gold’s Gym has always had a very strong presence in the fitness market and it’s great to see them jumping on-board with implementing Exergaming at many of their locations. Exergaming is a unique and healthy way to improve member retention at their clubs while at the same time attracting local families that are looking to incorporate their kids into a fun, engaging workout experience.

We look forward to helping more and more Gold’s Gym’s this year with the roll-out of Exergaming products and programming to their already successful format. It’s great to see such a successful franchise believe in products that really make a difference in the lives of kids within their community.”

Some of the Exergaming products installed at the Green Bay Gold’s Gym include the Expresso Interactive Game Bikes,Makoto Sports Arena, Xavix Power Boxing and J-Mat, Mini Trampolines and a Wii DDR system equipped with Impact Arcade Pads.