We are proud to announce that the new Makoto II will be coming to the Worlds Greatest Exergaming Facility in The Bulls Sox Exergame Academy in Lisle, IL.  The new Makoto II will only add to the excitement and enjoyment of all attending participants!

The Makoto Arena II is one of the premier Exergaming systems on the market today. Why? It is the only interactive game that is three-dimensional in which the player is totally immersed in lights and sounds. This multiplanar, multidirectional interactive fitness game delivers documented brain and body fitness while providing the participant with raw, unbridled fun and excitement!
The new Makoto Arena II delivers a physically active and mind-engaging fitness experience, along with groundbreaking individual player results tracking (great for justifying PEP grants!), updateable sound themes (musical tones, animal sounds, sci-fi tones and more!) and multiple games for YMCAs, Schools, Park Districts, Health Clubs and the ever-growing Medical Market.

This great piece of new equipment will be coming to The Bulls/Sox Academy in Lisle where the gaming world meets the fitness world. The third floor of the Bulls/Sox Academy has been transformed into the most innovative “Exergaming” experience in the country.  Throughout the lat few months the Academy has seen over thousands of kids come through the exergaming room with the same reaction…WE WANT MORE!

Through the growing partnership between The Vault by Motion Fitness and the Bulls Sox Exergame Academy, Motion Fitness is excited to add another piece to the puzzle of fighting childhood obesity across the country.

Ed Kasanders, President of Motion Fitness states, “The Makoto has always been one of our most reliable, durable, and engaging products we have ever sold.  We think bringing the Makoto II to the Bulls/Sox will only enhance the experience for all the kids who will be involved; no matter it be birthday parties, field trips, or simply stopping by to play the game.”

Additionally one of the first people to try out the new product had his own thoughts to add on.  “The all new Makoto II has taken a giant leap in its programming.  The new style is eye catching and has more targets.  The Makoto II is PC based and has an easy to use touch screen monitor.  With 8 different games to choose from and more programming the Makoto is a MUST HAVE interactive fitness product, “ says Keven Courson, Exergame Consultant at Motion Fitness.

The new Makoto II experience will be coming to the Vault Exergame Room in Chicago at the end of next week, we invite anyone to stop by and checkout this engaging product as well as all the other exergames hosted at Bulls Sox Academy.