Traq 3D is fun for kids of all ages

TRAQ 3D is the first technology-based experience to truly capitalize on the movement is life concept. The ability to effectively move is essential for successful sports participation and an active, healthy lifestyle. But it is also essential for improved health and safety, and, where desired, truly permanent weight loss.

Modern training programs emphasize the development of strength, power and endurance. Yet most sports physicians, therapists, trainers and coaches agree that it is the athlete with better reactions, greater agility and superior quickness who excels in competition and is less likely to be injured.

Unfortunately, training programs for reaction time, agility, and quickness have always been the hardest to design. And with the exception of simple straight-ahead running, results have been virtually impossible to measure objectively. This type of testing and training appears to be the missing link in most sports conditioning programs, and in most rehabilitation programs as well.

TRAQ 3D uses the award-winning TRAZER sport simulator to develop awesome total-body performance capabilities!

The Traq 3D Difference
Doesn’t it seem that on nearly every corner, health clubs are selling strength and aerobic programs? And yet the health club industry reports that 90% of us will not join a health club! Is it because traditional exercise machine make us feel like hamsters on an exercise wheel, bored by the mindless exercise routine?

Or do we feel we have to first get in shape before we join a fitness club, with all the mirrors, bright lights and crowds? Or are we confused by equipment that is difficult to use? And are afraid that knowledgeable assistance is too expensive?

Most of us have grown tired of mindless exercise programs. We all know that exercise is vital to health and wellbeing, but for most of us it’s boring. Think how cool it would be if exercise could be as much fun and as engaging as games.
At TRAQ 3D, our TRAZER simulators create a new fitness experience so novel and groundbreaking that it was featured on Oprah® and ESPN®. TRAQ’s integration of environment with science and technology creates a virtual playground where you can literally play your way to superb health and fitness.

Interactive gaming creates almost limitless possibilities for play and self-improvement. It burns more calories and engages your whole body, your senses, and your strategic reasoning. It develops a lean, agile, symmetrical, athletic body.

TRAQ’s environment speaks of fun and fitness for all. Instead of monotonous exercise, TRAQ 3D adds the essential ingredients of FUN and PLAY to make healthy exercise a welcome part of your day. And you’ll have the TRAQ Coaches close by to support and encourage you.


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