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Los Angeles, CA, January 12, 2009 (Air Date February 24, 2009):

Because Americans of all ages are having a harder time staying fit, the Price is Right on CBS featured the latest in fitness and motivation, Motivatrix. When the curtains opened, the announcer explained how the Motivatrix Workout Master distributed by Exergame Fitness does not require for you to hold anything, but instead uses an invisible matrix of sensors to detect your bodies’ movement. You become the joystick which controls the exercise-based game/workouts and instructor-led aerobic routines.
Welcome to Motivatrix. The MX10 Workout Master mimics existing DDR systems in design, but it manages to feature a number of internal games inside to keep your workout sessions fresh. Additionally, the machine not only recognizes fancy footwork, but built-in sensors can understand arm flailing as well, and you can even “jam out to your own music” while breakin’ a sweat. Most interesting, however, is the fact that its also an internet-enabled machine, meaning that exercise freaks across the land can compete against one another, giving even the least motivated individuals something to work for.Equipment such as this is like a “breath of fresh air” for those that are tired of going to the gym and using the same old treadmill or exercise bike to motivate them to loose weight. With today’s obesity rates skyrocketing and the gaming trend continuing to dominate, it is about time that someone found a way to merge the gaming world with the fitness world.

Exergame Fitness VP of Operations adds:
“The Motivatrix was perfect for the show; it offered a chance for someone to take home a product that can keep the entire family fit while having fun. The Motivatrix MX10 has been very successful for our company and we stand by the product because of the positive results our clients get from the machine. He Motivatrix MX10 is a popular piece we apply to many of our custom full room layout and designs and is extremely popular with health clubs and recreation centers looking for something different for their clients.”

The Motivatrix workout line has recently added a sleek new version called the MX Wave and a version where you can compete against friends called the Motivatrix Multi-User.

Visit http://www.exergamefitness.com/ to see the complete Motivatrix line and additional equipment that is built to entertain while helping to motivate you in new ways to become fit.

About Exergame Fitness:
Exergame Fitness – a Motion Fitness Company, is the world’s largest distributor & supplier of Exergaming, Exerlearning, Kids Fitness Products & Programming to YMCA’s, Schools, JCC’s. Park Districts, Health Clubs, Hospitals, Kid Zones, Family Entertainment Centers, Casinos, Government/VA and more.Exergame Fitness provides Facility Planning & Installation, Grant & Funding Assistance, Program Design & Product Training, Turnkey Marketing Support, Free Layout Designs & Concepts, Detailed Programming Curriculums, Finance & Lease Options and more. Exergame Fitness offers the lowest prices on any of the products they carry backed by a 110% Lowest Price Guarantee.
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Our philosophy is to create fun, exciting environments where the worlds of technology and fitness intersect.


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