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When you think about lifting or free weights in general, most people are going to think of metal dumbbells.  But a company called HyperWear changes that perception of free weights with their product Sandbells. The Sandbell Free Weight has the advantage of being several things at once instead of just a weight to simply lift with. Here is a short description from their website: 

“A soft, sand-filled disc shaped bag, a SandBell can be used in pairs like dumbbells, thrown like medicine balls, swung like a kettlebell, and glided like a glide disk.”

Sandbell Free Weight
Unfilled Sandbell Free Weights.

Not only is the Sandbell Free Weight cheaper than your typical free weight option, it has a wider variety of uses than most products on the market of its type. This is important to us at Exergame Fitness because a lot of the products that we sell have a wide range of uses. For example, our CardioWall and T-Wall exercise videos show that you can do cardio, resistance, group, and weighted training all on one machine.

While we do offer the Sandbell Free Weight on our Motion Fitness website, we use these for offering them with products we sell as packages. For  example, if someone purchased a T-Wall 64 from us we would package sandbells, cones, workout sheets and a couple other accessories. These exercise sheets offer weighted body movement exercises for people to use with the sandbell free weight.

Another great thing  about the Sandbell Free Weight is that it is safe. If you want a younger kid to work out or get fit, you want to protect them from hurting themselves at a gym/club. Since a lot of business deals with youth fitness, this is also an important feature for us. Compared to a heavy piece of metal that a kid can drop on themselves, this weighted sand bag can be thrown with force onto the ground and not break. Another description from their site states:

Sandbell free weight
Filled Sandbell Free Weights.

“Guaranteed to be bust-proof, you can slam a SandBell to the floor making a great exercise and stress reliever. More effective, safe and fun the shifting sand works more muscles getting better results in shorter workouts.”

“The SandBell is the safest, most versatile and fun functional fitness tool that will turn P.E. workouts into ‘playouts’ and get kids moving and active!”

We highly recommend the Sandbell Free Weight to anyone wanting to switch up their routine, or for anyone looking for something to ease them into getting fit. They also have some other innovative sand weight based products that are great for everybody, such as the 10 lb. Hypervest. If you order anything from us do not hesitate to ask for any sandbells, they come in a variety of weights so we will find the perfect fit for you.


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