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Palatine, Ill (September 2, 2014) – Camelback Village Racquetand Health Club- a high-end, family-oriented health club in Phoenix, Arizona- valuesthe important role that physical activity plays in promoting a healthy lifestyle.  That is exactly why the scope of theirfitness services and programs are designed for ages 5 to 105 or more!  Last Spring, they partnered with Exergame® Fitness-the worldwide leader ininteractive fitness and gaming- to introduce a fun and unique fitness approachspecifically designed for kids only.

The Exergame room (known as the Exercade at Camelback),consists of interactive fitness equipment for younger members ages 5-13.  These kids have a variety of exergameactivities that they can play in the room including the Exerbikes and the 3 Kick.  The great thing aboutthese “games” is that they are not only designed to capture theirattention, but they also focus on the major components of fitness such ascardio-respiratory fitness, flexibility, strength, cognitive function, speed,agility, quickness and much more.  Thekids don’t even realize they are truly “working out”, as all theycare about is having fun.

In a recent phone conversation with Marcia Leach, the YouthDirector at Camelback Village, she talked about how they are currentlyutilizing the Exergame room and revealed some upcoming plans for their new Fallprogram. 

“On a normal day, the room is packed with kidsplaying and exercising on the equipment.  The staff has kept a structured program wherethe kids can play on each Exergame for a certain number of minutes until it’stime to rotate out.  The room is openevery day but the programs are scheduled afterschool every Monday andWednesday. “

Plans for the Fall kids fitness program are alreadyunderway.  As kids finish the school dayand parents end the work day, they both can workout at Camelback.  One parent even said, “My family (husband + 2 kids) and I all frequent theVillage 3/4 times a week. I have to be honest and say that sometimes I gothere, send my kids off to the awesome kids club / X-Arcade and just go sit inthe steam room, lay out by the pool and/or take a relaxing shower.Camelback will also include anutritional and exercise component to teach kids the importance of eatinghealthy and exercising right. 

TheExergame room at Camelback Village Racquet and Health Club has been anoverwhelming success.  Everyday kids canbe seen coming into the room and working out while having fun playing the gamesthey love.  In addition, Camelback hopesto add other exergame items in the near future such as the Eyeplay to continueits amazing kids program. 

To learn more about Exergaming and how other facilities have found success,please visit our website.

About Exergame® Fitness
Exergame® Fitness, powered by Motion Fitness, is the worldwide leader in interactive fitness technologyfor the last 15 years.  We specialize inmerging interactive technologies with proven fitness principles to bring youFitness 2.0. Gamifying fitness. Getting results.  Having fun. That’s what we do. Visit www.exergamefitness.com

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Village Health Clubs & Spas are owned by DMB Sports Clubs and operate as ahigh-end, family-oriented health clubs and spas in the Phoenix metropolitanareas.  Beginning in 1976, Village HealthClubs & Spas has grown to 4 clubs in the Phoenix area: Camelback Village,Arcadia; DC Ranch Village, North Scottsdale; Gainey Village, Scottsdale; &Verrado Village, Buckeye; and provide unique experiences that positively impactpeople’s lives.  Visit

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