Facilities are always looking for opportunities to keep their members physically active with new innovative pieces of equipment.  Over the course of the past decade we have seen no greater influence in gyms than that of climbing walls.

Climbing facilities can be as simple as a traversing wall in a school gymnasium, or as large and complex as a full scale custom climbing gym.

The most popular unit for an Interactive Fitness & Gaming area is the Treadwall. Treadwall offers the best in participating in fun, engaging exercise with your whole body. The Treadwall is a great workout for all ability levels and ages.

Treadwall is a rotating wall, incorporating Natural Pace Technology™ for self-paced, motor-less climbing with adjustable angles and holds. The motto of Treadwall-Simple, Reliable, Safe.

Cross training in particular has never been easier, lower the M6 to the full -12 degree angle and work all the muscles in your arms shoulders and core at once. Change the angle to +12 degree and get your hips, legs, core, and balance dialed to perfection. Find the most comfortable angle for you and get a continuous aerobic burn everywhere, at once. Whatever your motives are this rotating climbing wall has enough space at 6 feet wide and 10 or 11 feet high to let you roam.

The newest incarnation by Treadwall, the M4 Pro has every feature that we could stuff in, including legendary durability. For fun, and for serious training, the past two decades has seen the TreadWall put to multiple uses throughout the world.

Both experienced climbers and new users alike will instantly benefit from the core strength and balance gained from Treadwall training. Cross training and total body workouts are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency and speed. The Treadwall fits perfectly into these types of workouts allowing long cardio burns at the easier angles and quick muscle building workouts on the steep.

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to traditional exercise look no further than the full body workout of Treadwall.