When it comes to finding an exergaming product that is engaging, fun, and keeps people coming back then look no further than the T-Wall.  The rules for T-wall are simple but challenging: on a wall with numerous touch surfaces, red signals light up in sequence of varying positions and speeds.  Your task is to deactivate the light as soon as it appears by quick touch Act and react as quick as you can before the light goes out.

The TWall was recently published on the Cover of On-Site Fitness Magazine, a company that works with YMCAs and Fitness Centers all over the country.  Read more about the TWall and other Virtual Gaming Products at the Onsite Fitness Content Page.

Whether training for power, agility, endurance, flexibility, or reaction, T-wall tests your personal limits resulting in the ultimate fitness gaming platform for any challenge. This universal training tool provides a fantastic cardio workout across numerous applications, including Exergaming, sports, fitness and rehabilitation.

T-wall was developed by a team of engineers, athletes and fitness professionals for interactive sports training and the active gaming company has seen the exergaming market explode over the past few years.

For more information on how TWall and other Exergaming products can help inspire you to be active go to www.exergame.com