Each kid is unique.  Some like to exercise, while some are reluctant to participate at all.  They feel uncomfortable when exercising with kids that are either taller, stronger, and in a different age group as them.  As parents, educators, and fitness professionals, we know the ultimate goal is for kids to be fit and have fun.  

To prevent children from being turned off from physical activity altogether, it is important to let kids cross-train.  The Vertical Fitness Trainer let’s them do just that. Through inventing their own unique exercises, kids will be engaged and learn the capabilities of their own strength and to skillfully control their movements.  It provides excellent physical conditioning for growing kids.   

The Vertical Fitness Trainer developed by Ledgewall offers a variety of effective exercise routines that kids can perform to develop physical skills.  The most popular exercise on the panel is the pull-up which improves postures and harmonizes bodily proportions.  Off the panel, kids can use suspension training straps, sandbells, medicine balls, battle fitness ropes. No matter what moves they make, all four are versatile tools for whole body fitness. The best part  is they benefit kids of all fitness levels and are safe and easy to use in any environment.  

Let kids be fit and have fun with the Vertical Fitness Trainer!

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