Video Fitness

By WEEK Sports

As Santa heads out this evening to make his deliveries. There are plenty of Nintendo Wii’s in the back of his sleigh. They’re part of a new trend of Video Game Fitness. And the Peoria Park District and OSF are taking it to a whole new level.

At first glance this room at the Riverplex looks like an arcade. Look a little closer and it looks like any other workout room, turns out it’s both.

Riverplex assistant General Manager Carl Cannon said, “These are interactive programming. When you get on a bicycle here, you’re gonna pedal. It’s going to work your heart, it’s designed to do that. There’s no pedal that you press and the gas makes you go further. You’ll work the legs, you’ll work the upper body.”

The Exergame Zone at the Riverplex is part Workout room, part Chuckie Cheese. With over $100,000 worth of video equipment it’s easy to forget you’re getting a workout.

Mary Arnold said, “I was never one to get on machines. I like to walk, I love the track. When they brought this in here I thought this is ideal for me cause I don’t feel like I’m Working out.”

Alex Stephens said, “It’s something to take your mind off. You’re getting tired, it’s fun. You can play with someone else. The interaction is a lot better than being upstairs.”

The exergame room is for everyone. During our recent visit we found former Peoria Notre Dame and Illini Basketball Player Brian Randle Working out and grooving to the tunes on the Dance Dance Revolution Game.

Brian Randle said, “I think DDR really kicked it off for Adults and kids to see that video games can be good for fitness and not have to go into the gym and jump on an elliptical. For me to have something like this as a child would have been unbelievable.”


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