Newark DE – Western Family YMCA was already providing their members an outstanding club experience with a state of the art fitness facility, an outstanding aquatics area, and a great space for kids. But in their efforts to never stop improving, they wanted to offer more – or to be precise- something different, something that would elevate their members experience and make the organization stand out. That something was exergaming.

There are two things that clubs and their members appreciate about the interactive exergaming equipment: 1. Kids love playing on them – whether playing against their friends on Xbox while pedaling to make the controller work on the Exerbike or starting up a dance party on the iDance and 2. Because kids love playing with the exergame equipment (and subsequently get a workout), parents love bringing their kids to the club. As one parent noted, her daughter used to resist coming to the YMCA, but now she loves it.

The Western Family YMCA decided to install a slimmer version of Exergame’s Youth X Room to introduce this fitness 2.0 to their club. Their equipment included TWall, HeavyBall, and 3Kick, all perfect for kids ages seven to fourteen. These Exergame rooms, like the one at Western Family YMCA, are focused on engaging kids and adults in physical activity by merging technology with gaming and adding a dose of fitness. Exergame Fitness rooms are perfect for helping teach kids how to use fitness equipment and feel more comfortable at their club.

Exergame Fitness is the worldwide leader in providing facilities like YMCAs and Health Clubs with the best interactive fitness equipment and turnkey room solutions. With the increase in popularity of the fit-tech industry, club members are looking for these types of opportunities at their clubs in order to make fitness a family affair. Exergame Fitness helps facilities like Western Family YMCA meet those demands and bring their fitness experience into the 21st century.

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