In short, it’s where Video games meet sport… It’s the combination of the verb “to exercise” and games… Aren’t you frustrated that your interactions with games are just through a mouse or similar limited device? Don’t you feel that exercise, classic work out is boring – yet necessary? If so, go for exergames… it’s just video games where you move your body to play… increasing both the fun and usefulness of what you’re doing!

about our company:
Exergame Fitness is dedicated to keeping kids healthy & active by providing innovative products that address today’s concerns of inactivity, obesity and developmental learning. Our clients consist of fitness professionals, both for-profit and non-profit facilities, including YMCA’s JCC’s, Kid Zones, Kids Fitness Areas, Corporate Fitness, Medical Fitness, Country Clubs, Hotels & Resorts, Weight Loss Centers, K-12 Schools, Colleges/Universities, Parks and Recreation, Aerobic/Dance Studios, Government/Military and many more!

the concept:
The concept of Exergaming combines gaming, entertainment and fitness into one. A group of products that are physically played games along with motivating programming are the key to the success of a kids fitness program.Exergame Fitness along with dozens of industry experts have evaluated and tested every product recommended.. These products have met the demands that will be required in terms of quality, effectiveness and features needed to keep children and teens engaged.

we deliver high quality products:
Only the best products are selected that will deliver the highest performing, most durable interactive gaming products available. You can be assured that your investment has been scrutinized through the most demanding settings.Today’s kids require “fitness” to be interactive, fun and rewarding. Our goal is to have kids become physically addictive to playing Exergames, the way they do with video games. This change in dynamics will develop critical characteristics for growth (hand-eye-mind-body-sensory integration).

we do in-depth product research:
Exergame Fitness is continually researching the latest advancements on kid’s fitness and health issues. All of our products are tested and evaluated in real-world settings with hundreds of kids, teens and adults making sure that what we sell is going to get results.we offer comprehensive installation & training:Exergame Fitness provides comprehensive installation & training for all organizations for Exergaming and Interactive Fitness products.

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