If you have recovered from the aftermath of Black Friday, perhaps you are contemplating enjoying your new Nintendo Wii. If not, perhaps you can still pick up one and start working out on Christmas Day. What a sensation! Where else can you find an array of arcade style gaming that also rivals the President’s Challenge on Physical Fitness. Wii is physical. As a matter of fact, Dr. Josh Trout, Professor of Kinesiology at California State University Chico, who specializes in video game technology and exercise movement supports games such as Wii in industry news at Gamasutra.com:

“Exertainment and home video consoles are the wave of the future…Exergaming can provided excellent health benefits, but so can a Stairmaster, lifecycle or treadmill, if you do it. If a person has chosen a sedentary lifestyle, there is not much a new technology is going to do for them. On that note, exergaming and exertainment, is an excellent way for getting kids hooked on physical activity, producing good exercise habits that can last a lifetime.”For a mere $250 Wii systems come equipped with a Wiimote(remote control) and a Nunchuk addon (for two handed games like Wii boxing) and Wii Sports Bundle. Games such as Wii Golf, Wii Bowling and Wii Baseball are included in Wii Sports Bundle. Games participation must be executed in proper form. Yes you need to swing like Phillies’ Albert Pujols. Wii is also backward compatible with Gamecube and plays standard Nintendo games.

Six year old Ceyana Kane is the Wii champion in her house. Ceyana can strike out anyone in the house in Wii bowling. Let her get behind the boxing gloves and Ceyana will floor her virtual opponent in a heartbeat, with polish. Mom, Rhonda, is thrilled to have Ceyana entertain herself for hours, getting a healthy physical workout and managing the games herself, while Rhonda gets in some serious study in her paralegal courses, undisturbed.
Nintendo wants to sell 4 million Wii by the New Year and Wii gets my vote for a healthy investment with benefits. I’ve not been a fan of playing video games before but with Nintendo’s new take, Wii really is about people. After seeing this first hand, I cannot wait to get my hands on Wii. I’m off to the mall to see if there ARE any left in the aftermath of Black Friday.