Wii: the success of exergames

Yes, if you watch news, if you haven’t cut yourself off this world, you’ve seen it. Wii has emerged. Exergames are now Worldwide famous.

While Sony and Microsoft played the same old game with the evermore graphics, Nintendo thought : “what don’t we upgrade this so-old-fashioned gamepads”? And Nintendo, with its Wii, was right. People like to move, like to shake…. Emotions are physical, makes your body move. Anyone who’s played game has seen her/himself shaking, moving like its personnage.

So, we’re glad to welcome Wii, and Wii is welcomed, having outsold the PS3, having rave reviews all around media…Now, we’re quite excited and looking forward into the upcoming titles, how far the exergames will be pushed… And finally, we’re hoping this is the start of new focus for innovation, that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all come up with more and more relevant, impactful exergames devices, that all game editors enter the arena.

So ladies and gentleman, enjoy!

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