The iDANCE Wireless Dance and Step System was debuted at the Arbor Vitae – Woodruff School in Wisconsin, USA. After obtaining a School PEP Grant, Woodruff School was determined to keep Wisconsin school kids healthy, active and fit by using active gaming products that keep kids engaged and excited about staying fit during school hours. After consulting with Bill Abel “Exergame Fitness Gaming Consultant”  They decided to purchase a 12 player iDANCE Wireless Dance and Step System.

Tommy Seilheimer Vice President of Exergame Fitness adds:

“During the initial installation and demonstration of the iDANCE system, the students were cheering as we brought it in through the front door of the school. They were expecting the arrival of the iDANCE which was really refreshing to see after traveling a long 6 hours to the location. We met the main PE teacher of the school and set the system up in under 10 minutes which impressed many of the faculty members and students excited to see the system in action.

The iDANCE created a huge draw with the other teachers throughout the school as they called over the main PA “for all faculty members to enter the gymnasium”. At a certain point we must of had every teacher in the school playing the system, laughing competing and taking pictures to show all the students for the upcoming year exactly what system they have at their school. It was a win-win for both students and teachers alike.”

The videos & Picture Book below show some of the fun the teachers were having today!


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