The Meriden YMCA is veryconcerned with the rising rate of childhood obesity in Meriden. To address thisproblem, they have created the PACE (Physical Activity Changes Everything) Programto provide each family with the necessary tools to combat childhood obesity andlead healthy and active lives.  When theyMeriden YMCA were looking at innovative ways to incorporate kids fitness theycame to none other than Exergame Fitness!

Exergame Fitness is a company who strives toinspire physical activity through the most custting-edge active gameexperience-AND-to provide fun, sustainable solutions to fight childhoodobesity.

Whenimplementing Exergaming into their facility they wanted a good combination ofsome of the very best in the interactive gaming market.  Through consultation with Exergame Fitnessthey decided that for their facility Lightspace Play Wall, Gamercize, Exerbike,and a DDR Package would get kids excited about exercising!

The Lightspace Play Wall combines the latest in interactivetechnology with software controlled content that will provide hours of fun andexercise for kids and adults of all ages and abilities. The system is capableof storing and running a potentially limitless variety of games and interactiveprograms that can be used by multiple participants simultaneously. TheLightspace Play Wall creates an engaging experience that will draw youngchildren, teenagers and adults to activities what will excite and entertainthem, all while keeping them active and fit.

Dance games are fun when used with the rightequipment. Durability, accuracy, lightweight and easy handling, are importantfactors when choosing a dance platform for repeated play and exercise.  When the Meriden Y asked what the best platforms we easily settled on the iMPACT Arcade DDR Platforms

Pedal to play! It’s really that simple. The allnew Exerbike is a commercial-grade game bike designed to bringcompetitive fun and stunning Playstation 3 graphics back into kids’ interactivefitness. Using the superior power and technology of the Playstation 3 users canplay their favorite racing, boating, motorcycle and biking games whileachieving a great cardio workout without them knowing it.

Lastly but of course not least the Gamercize System continues to amaze the YMCA crowd with itstechnology. Gamercize provides the motivation for keeping fit at home.Minimal interaction gives the flexibility to play any game the way it wasdesigned to be played, and the ultimate distraction from physical effort. Choose between the cycle and stepper for endurance training or maximum cardiofitness benefit. Keep exercising to maintain game play, stop and you will beprompted to get moving again to continue playing. You will exercise longer andharder when exercise is fun, so take the challenge and enjoy the results withthe GZ Pro-Sport by Gamercize.

If you are interested to learn moreabout the PACE Program and the Meriden Y, please contact Exergame Fitness. Itis our hope that together with people like the Meriden Y, we can nurture thepotential of kids, improve our community’s health and well being through thepower of Exergaming!

For more information please call us at877-668-4664 or send an email inquiry to