From San Diego to Ocala, Fla., YMCA’s around the country are taking action to fix fitness for the next generation of Y members.

Exergame Fitness is proud to partner with different YMCA’s around the country who help their communities by keeping kids active and fight childhood obesity.  YMCA’s with an exergame room understand that to keep kids coming back for more, they need fun, unique products that motivate kids to be active and love it.

Nowadays, interactive fitness technology is what kids can relate to in this digital world.  Exergame Fitness creates the ultimate youth fitness experience by inspiring physical activity through our innovative fitness and game technology.  Healthy kids are our future and interactive fitness technology is the solution toward fighting childhood obesity.

Let us help you.  This Thursday, Nov. 21 at 6:30 p.m.  Marion County YMCA located in Ocala, Fla.  will have its exergame grand opening at the Rob McCoy Teen Center. If you are around the area, come join in on the fun and see what exergames are all about and how we can help you fix fitness at your facility.  Parker Johnson, Relationship Manager at Exergame Fitness, will be there to answer any questions or comments you might have.  If you are not available to join but are interested in learning more about what Exergames have to offer please contact us at or  1-877-668-4664.

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