1. Active Gaming and Diet are Key to Good Health

    If you wish to get into good shape and stay in shape, it is important to incorporate active gaming from Exergame into your daily lifestyle by working out on a T wall or engaging in dance games. After all, exercise is key for good health. But just as important as exercise is the food you eat. You can have a great exercise routine, but if it is not followed up by a healthy diet, you are risking heal…Read More

  2. Active Gaming has Mental Health Benefits

    Many people go to the gym for active gaming to build muscle, improve heart health and get a rocking hard body. But not everybody knows that your brain also benefits when you are getting regular exercise. That's right, exercise is just as beneficial for the parts above your neck as the parts below. Regardless of your age or fitness level, exercise gives you some serious mental benefits. So whether …Read More

  3. Active Gaming as Part of Your Exercise Plan

    Try not to look at the calendar; no seriously, if you are a fan of summer it will only depress you. Too late, you already snuck a peek and discovered September is just over a week away. You might be a little excited because you know this means the kids will be going back to school and football season will start, but it also means the lovely warm weather you are enjoying this very moment will give …Read More

  4. Active Gaming and a Healthy Diet

    According to a recent survey, about three out of four children fail to get at least one hour of physical activity a day. It shows that nearly 75 percent of American children between the ages of five and ten do not get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Just as alarming is the survey showed only 15 percent of parents think overall physical health is a top concern for their c…Read More

  5. A Technology That Helps Children is Active Gaming

    Kids are spending more time than ever before engaging in new technology and in front of screens, and it could be inhibiting their ability to recognize emotions, as well as negatively affecting their development. But not all technology is bad. The effects of technology on children is rather complicated. Whether technology hurts or helps kids depends largely on the specific technology, the frequency…Read More

  6. Active Gaming After a Heart Procedure

    After a heart attack, angioplasty or even heart surgery, many people think that exercise should be avoided because too much strain on the heart could be bad. In reality, just the opposite is true. Regular exercise after a heart procedure helps strengthen the heart muscle and can reduce your risk for heart disease. In fact, regular exercise for people who have had heart treatments can control other…Read More

  7. Introduce Kids to Active Floor Games, Interactive Climbing, Dance and Step Games and Other Active Gaming

      Physical activity helps children maintain a healthy way, grow strong bones and discover the world that exists outside their smartphones and social media. All children should be physically active for at least one hour every day. You can help your children get the exercise they need by finding activities that they will love and that will keep them interested. Children tend to spend a lot of t…Read More

  8. You Need to Engage in Active Gaming

    It's the middle of winter and the only things you are excited about include whether or not the groundhog will see his shadow and the Super Bowl. And unless you are a Tom Brady fan or Falcons fan, you might not be terribly excited about this year's Super Bowl. You could fight the winter blues by going to your local gym, but in all honesty, you have grown quite bored with lifting weights and spendin…Read More

  9. Join a Gym That Offers Active Gaming

    The new year will be here before you know it and already people are indulging in retrospect and reevaluating many of their life choices. New Year's resolutions are the ideal opportunities for all of those who have failed making the changes this last year. Because, you know, next year will be different, it will be the year we actually keep those promises made to ourselves. Now is the chance to sit …Read More

  10. It Takes More Than Active Gaming to Keep Your Family Fit and Healthy, It Takes a Healthy Diet

    It takes more than active gaming to keep your family fit and healthy, a healthy diet is also a necessity. With Thanksgiving Day staring you down, you might want to consider serving side dishes that are healthier than the traditional calorie bombs you usually serve. Thanksgiving isn't always all about the bird, surround this year's roasted turkey with side dishes that are as healthy as they are del…Read More