1. New Rye YMCA Fitness Center

    The innovation in Exergame equipment doesn’t just come from the machines or software, but it also comes from the gym area itself, it’s more interactive and unique than a traditional gym space. Our products can easily be set up individually and still get a great amount of use, but when using the option of our full room solutions, (or 'ExerZone'), we see lots of amazing results. Our newest partn…Read More

  2. Youth Fitness Clubs and their Kids Fitness Games

    Walk into any youth fitness clubs or kids fitness games center and you’ll find most of them are put together in a similar way; couches, tv, video game consoles, pop machine etc. In places that are trying to encourage health and fitness for their members, this seems like an odd way to furnish a space. But the reason this style of youth room is so common is because it’s what kids want to do. Tv …Read More

  3. YMCA To Install Adult and Youth Exergame Solution

    The RYE YMCA is set to install one of the biggest Exergame rooms in New York this September. The room will include seven different interactive fitness products: tWall 64, Exerbikes, JumpQ, 3Kick, HeavyBall, Pavigym 3.0 Floor, and Nexersys.These products will be used to create a highly engaging and physical environment for both kids and adult members alike. Following their vision of nurturing the s…Read More

  4. YMCA of Greater Seattle Association Set To Install Exergaming At Third Location

    Seattle WA - Exergaming has been a big success in helping YMCA’s plan and program for youth fitness at their families. In December 2014, the YMCA of Greater Seattle Association installed exergame rooms at the Coal Creek Family YMCA and Dale Turner YMCA in what they were hoping would be the first of the association’s facilities to work with Exergame Fitness. Both YMCAs have seen a great respons…Read More

  5. UFC Gyms Training With Exergames

    “Train Different.” It’s featured prominently on the UFC Gym website’s menu. They focus on boxing, kick boxing, mixed martial arts, and performance training as a unique way for their members to train and stay fit. This attitude is also what led both UFC Gym Sunnyvale and UFC Gym Corona  to think outside the “octagon” and install one of the most popular and versatile interactive exergam…Read More

  6. Exergame Fitness Goes To Greece – Vari Sports Club

    ATHENS, GREECE November 2014 - Exergaming has made its way to Athens Greece when Vari Sports Club installed a modified Youth X room in their facility. Their Exergame room includes a 4 player iDance system, a 3Kick, Twall 64, an EyePlay Floor, and two Exerbikes. Each product is an interactive gaming system that combines fitness, technology, and gameplay to get people moving and active while having…Read More

  7. Western Family YMCA Brings Exergaming To Their Members

    Newark DE - Western Family YMCA was already providing their members an outstanding club experience with a state of the art fitness facility, an outstanding aquatics area, and a great space for kids. But in their efforts to never stop improving, they wanted to offer more - or to be precise- something different, something that would elevate their members experience and make the organization stand ou…Read More

  8. Sport&Health In Rockville Maryland Using Exergames To Get Kids & Families Active.

    ROCKVILLE, MD - On January 26th, 2015 Sport and Health’s Kidz Klub entered the 21st century when they installed interactive exergames for their youngest members to use. The featured items include the Eyeplay and two Touch Wall 32s - both interactive gaming systems that combine fitness, technology, and gameplay to get the kids moving and active all while having fun. Recently opened, Rockville Spo…Read More

  9. Exergame Fitness – Fixing Sales and Retention at the Kids Level

    Below is an article published in the National Fitness and Trade Journal Spring 2015 edition featuring Exergame Fitness and how we are helping fitness clubs and organizations across the U.S. fix sales and retention through targeting kids and families. "I don’t wanna go to the club! It’s boring and there’s nothing for me to do there!" Parents with kids under the age of fifteen hear that prote…Read More

  10. PlayFit Family Night At YMCA of Greater Seattle is Huge Success

    by Scott Goode on Feb 13, 2015 at 9:23am NEWCASTLE, WA - On January 17th, 2015 Coal Creek Family YMCA hosted their first ever PlayFit Family Night for members. The main reason for this event was to unveil their brand new, state of the art interactive fitness room designed by Exergame Fitness of Palatine, Illinois. The 150 families that attended spent their night engaged in interactive play on the …Read More