1. Youth are Your Future Members What Are You Doing for Them at Your Club

    Youth provide an excellent source of human and social capital within your communities and for your future clubs. Their networks consist of their peers as well as family members. So often in a facility this is a forgotten age demographic. They take a backseat to adult fitness (still important), but when these areas are neglected; you are missing out on future due paying members! What better way tha…Read More

  2. Increase Family Memberships with Interactive Fitness Solutions

    A family membership at the any facility comes with a lot of benefits including hundreds of group exercise classes, childcare, program discounts, free events, family nights, and so much more! Family memberships can be the lifeblood of a facility by creating an experience for the whole family.  Big health clubs are essential for getting exergaming out to the world. Our current work in YMCA & Sc…Read More

  3. Happy Holidays from Exergame Fitness

      To call 2021 a trying year would be an understatement. It has taken the hard work and compassion you have for your craft that has made it a success this year. The best types of people are those who take the bad, and find the silver lining to express the good. While Exergame has had tremendous support from CA, to FA; and from TX to MN; and so many other states this year.  We know that many …Read More

  4. Family Fitness Exergame Options to Keep Everyone Healthy and Active

      Family fitness—exercising and and otherwise living a healthy lifestyle as a group—is for every family, large and small, young and old, urban and rural. By sharing physical activity and nutritious foods, your family can improve your health and enjoy your time together. Using active games, or exergames; is a great way for the whole family to benefit from fitness. Games aren’t just for k…Read More

  5. YMCA and the Youth Fitness Problem for Teens and Tweens

      YMCA’s and other like minded organizations have a large demographic for kids 7-14 years old. The best set-up is a dedicated space with a variety of interactive fitness and gaming technology that can be used for a multiple applications (not just the kids!). You can run small group classes, use for teen events, as homework rewards, family fitness events, circuit training, active competition…Read More

  6. End of Year 2021 Sales Specials From Exergame

    Every year Exergame likes to offer some of the best and most exciting products at a discounted price for those facilities that would like to start 2021 with a new kind of fitness.  These specials run through December 31st, 2021; and we hope you'll take advantage of the big savings! All items below will be on sale until end of the year.  Contact us to learn more about the special prices! iWall - …Read More

  7. Exergame and Fitness Gaming in Schools Improve Academics and Behavior

      School can be the first place a kid learns about fitness. It’s vital that kids begin to engage in fitness at an early age. By providing active games for kids, they will be healthier and learn to develop a lifetime love of fitness. Kids who workout consistently or engage in fitness will turn into healthy adults who like to workout, especially when they engage in activities through Exergame…Read More

  8. Exergaming in Academics and Schools for Social Development

      Although research shows that exercise activates the attention system, increases focus, modulates mood, and enhances learning, it remains an underused tool in education. When teachers and students better understand how to work with the physiology of one’s body, the educational experience is optimized. This is especially true for students with behavioral issues such as ADHD. Our response to…Read More

  9. Exergaming Improve Academics, Social Development, and Health & Fitness

      Exergaming is an essential component to an active and healthy lifestyle. It is designed to engage kids and adults from the very beginning while keeping them mentally and physically focused. The act of motion, or physically playing, is the foundation of what our bodies need. Studies show Exergaming provides an improvement in three key areas: Health, Academics, and Social Behavior. Exergaming…Read More

  10. Childcare and Youth Fitness In Health Club Setting

      As the world continues to turn the page on COVID, Health Clubs across the country are looking for alternative ways to set themselves a part from the competition.  While getting mom and dad back into the club is priority #1, finding a solution for the kids should be a close second. At Exergame Fitness, we're extremely passionate about helping professionals like you achieve better results wh…Read More