1. Engage in Interactive Fitness For the New Year

    January is always the busiest time of year for gyms. You might say it’s the Black Friday month for them. A lot of the business gyms get in January have to do with the fact too many people stuff themselves over the holiday season. You might be guilty of that as well. It all starts Thanksgiving Day with the tradition of seeing how much turkey you can stuff down your throat followed by chasers of m…Read More

  2. Interactive Fitness Benefits Children

    Does your child's daily schedule include physical fitness? Perhaps you have children who are stuck in a rut, even at school, that leaves them without the time needed to engage in physical activities. We are sure you have heard that exercise is the remedy for childhood obesity and poor health. While this is true, there are several more reasons that exercise is important for children. So if your chi…Read More

  3. Exergame Locations: Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA

    The Fanwood-Scotch Plain YMCA was looking for something a little different.  Something fun, something exciting, and a something that could engage all ages.  When they decided to come to Exergame, they came to the right place!  With the integrations on some of our newest interactive gaming products which included the tWall and PaviGym Sprint 3.0, they are taking a whole new approach to functiona…Read More

  4. Interactive Fitness and the Benefits They Offer

    What is the best kind of physical activity? The activity you enjoy enough to actually do every day. Exergames, active-play games, are a high-tech approach to fitness that could help many people become active and stay active. Interactive fitness and gaming is simply active play. That is, participants are physically playing a game and not just passively watching it or doing some boring, monotonous e…Read More

  5. Interactive Fitness Improves Children’s Health

    When there is a discussion about getting fit and staying fit, people often assume it involves rigorous activity. We live in a culture where the term "no pain no gain" is thrown into people's faces by an overzealous personal trainer while losing feeling in their lower extremities doing ridiculously intense exercises. And then there are those who get caught up in the latest exercise craze they r…Read More

  6. Something to Consider Next Time You Engage in Interactive Fitness

    Whether you prefer a small, intimate gathering or are a fan of large crowds, most of us enjoy spending time with other people. We all know socializing is fun, but what many people don't realize is that spending time with others also plays a role in your overall health. Having a good social network has been shown to have a positive impact on you both physically and mentally. In fact, many feel it i…Read More

  7. Exergame Salutes the Marine Corps Birthday & Military Personal

    Tomorrow on the 10th of November marks the 241st birthday for the United States Marine Corps. First of all we would like to thank all of those in all armed forces who are serving our great country. The General of the United States Marine Corps, Robert B. Neller released a birthday message to all marines, view the entire message here. His closing statement: "We are Marines for life. It’s our res…Read More

  8. Interactive Fitness Can Be a Big Part of Your Fitness Program

    Every week brings a new study or other scientific reports on the many benefits of exercise. Almost everyone, regardless their physical condition, is able to engage in at least some form of exercise. But to be as efficient as possible, your exercise regime should follow guidelines set for your health status and age. Interactive fitness can be a big part of your fitness program and can help you reac…Read More

  9. Interactive Fitness Has Become an Exceptionally Popular Way to Get Into Shape

    Interactive fitness has become an exceptionally popular way to get into shape and stay fit and healthy. These vigorous forms of activities offer a wide range of benefits and have advantages over traditional forms of exercise. Let's take a look at a few. The single greatest advantage exergaming holds over traditional methods of exercise is the fact it's not just a form of physical activity, but a f…Read More

  10. Whether You Hit the Gym or Participate in Interactive Fitness, You Will Do More Than Just Improve Your Body

    Whether you hit the gym, run, bike or participate in interactive fitness, you will do more than just improve your body, you will improve your mind as well. That is, exercise provides a great number of mental health benefits. So get inspired by reading up on the unexpected ways that interactive fitness can benefit your mental health. Reduced Stress Having a rough day at work? When the work day ends…Read More