1. The Ultimate Guide for Schools Looking to Raise Money for Exergaming Equipment

    On a Shoe String PE Budget with One Shoe With budgets cuts happening all around the country, PE programs are feeling the heat. This sounds too familiar to PE teachers all around the country.  Especially when PE programs are trying their best to order daily equipment, provide training for their colleagues, maintain their existing program and to expand on their program.  I constantly get asked how…Read More

  2. The 2010 YMCA General Assembly Was Introduced to Exergaming

    This years 2010 YMCA General Assembly was held in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah July 8th -10th at the Salt Palace Convention Center. The General Assembly of YMCAs is the premiere celebration of the YMCA Movement in the United States, designed to inspire, rejuvenate and affirm each attendee's passion for YMCA work and provide meaningful connections to others in the Movement. This year was extra s…Read More

  3. Exergames – A Digital Drive for Healthy Living

    EXERGAMES DOWNLOAD A POSITIVE HEALTH CHECK 4 COMPUTER GAMING Computer gaming, branded a major contributor to inactivity and obesity, is undergoing a radical rehabilitation as a healthy pastime thanks to new innovative Exergames. Computer games that incorporate physical activity – or Exergames - are at the heart of a digital environment being created to support wellness and healthy living. Scotti…Read More

  4. An Affordable Exergaming Product for Any Facility…Gamercize!

    Are you a School, YMCA, JCC, Park District or Health Club that is looking to add an interactive fitness product to your line-up that is "cost effective" and within a reasonable budget? Well if so - we have an answer for you. It's called Gamercize, and it is one of our top selling Exergaming products because of it's durability, engaging gameplay and overall positive health impact it has with our cl…Read More

  5. Celebrity Trainer Partners with Girl Scouts of America to Combat Obesity

    Michael Torchia, President/Founder of the Shape Up Campaign, will be heading down to Washington D.C. to conduct workshops that will seek to educate and certify Girl Scouts as personal fitness trainers. The goal of these workshops is to create thousands of young peer fitness advocates to help stop the increasing levels of obesity among America's kids. Torchia and his Shape Up America Campaign Team …Read More

  6. Exergame Fitness Debut’s “THE VAULT” at the YMCA General Assembly July 8th – 10th 2010

    Rolling Meadows IL, 07/02/10 – Illinois based company Exergame Fitness debut’s “THE VAULT”, an interactive kids fitness experience that combines game play, exercise & activity monitoring for YMCA’s across the nation. Exergaming combines physical activity while playing fun and engaging video games. Interactive fitness products are loaded into a cosmetically themed room that resembles …Read More

  7. National Wii Games Tournament!

    National Wii Games Tournament! 7-1-10: Only 15 days till the first-ever national Wii Games Tournament kicks off! Too bad there wasn't a location nearer to us, tho the Finals will be held in Los Angeles, which I'll have to go check out. See the website to see if there's a location near you Now if we can just get a more inclusive World Exergame Tournament going on, like the National Spelling Bee, th…Read More

  8. 2010 YMCA General Assembly | Booth #122 Exergame Fitness

    Exergame Fitness VAULT Room! At this years 2010 YMCA General Assembly in Salt Lake City, Exergame Fitness will debut their VAULT room located atBOOTH #122. Some of the worlds top Exergaming products will be on display located in a conceptually themed room made specifically for YMCA's! Exergame Fitness is the leading Exergaming provider for YMCA's in the country and now is bringing the VAULT room t…Read More

  9. Reinventing Physical Education for Middle-Schoolers

    A UC Irvine pediatrician's research heavily influenced a new study out Sunday that shows healthier school lunches and longer, more vigorous physical activity for middle-schoolers can reduce obesity rates. The key, says Dr. Dan Cooper, a pediatrics professor at UCI, is providing activities kids enjoy. Plus, there's too much standing around in P.E.  "In a 45-minute class, if a P.E. instructor …Read More