1. Study: Wii Can Alleviate Elderly Depression, Too

    Kotaku owen@kotaku.com The benefits of the Wii and exergaming to patients in hospitals and elder-care facilities has been discussed nearly since the console's release. Researchers in San Diego now say that Wii games can combat the onset of depression in elderly persons. A pilot study involving 19 subjects with subsyndromal depression - not full blown depression, but much more common, and more asso…Read More

  2. THE VAULT Featured On WGN at Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox Academy

    THE VAULT where the gaming world meets the fitness world was featured on the morning segment of "Around Town" on WGN.  The third floor of the Bulls/Sox Academy has been transformed into the most innovative “Exergaming” experience in the country.  We joined forces with the leader in the world of "exergaming" to create an exciting, hi-tech approach to tackling the obesity epidemic. To see a sn…Read More

  3. Exergaming Inspires Kids of All Ages to Get Fit

    Posted in January 4th, 2011 by admin in Kids Fitness Racheal St John, 13, knows how to bust a move, thanks to the video game “Dance Dance Revolution.” She plays at least twice a day – at home in front of her TV and also at the local YMCA teen center. At the slowest speed, St John keeps pace with the dance moves on the monitor. But when teen center coordinator Damien Hunt ratchets up the temp…Read More

  4. Is Exergaming the Answer to 2011 New Year’s Resolutions?

    by Michelle Heng January 4, 2011 By the ZippyCart Shopping Cart Reviews Content Team Move over Shakeweight, the latest trend in fitness dominating 2011 looks to be “exergaming,” the combination of exercise and video gaming. With only a handful of days into the New Year, a shift immediately has occurred in what consumers are looking to purchase. This is a time when people are so committed to s…Read More

  5. Exergaming in a Physical Education Curriculum

    By George Velarde, Physical Education Teacher The thought of implementing video games in my PE program at Sierra Vista Junior High was exactly that:  “a thought”.   But, when we changed our PE philosophy in 2003 to the “New PE” concept, I took a hard and difficult look at how our PE program was going to change for the better.  At the time video games in a PE curriculum was a very new a…Read More

  6. Exergaming Puts F-U-N Back in Fitness

    December 31, 2010 by Lailani Mendoza Mind & Body I’m standing in front of the large flat screen TV waiting for my virtual river rafting adventure to begin. I’m at Game On! Interactive Fitness to see what the hype is behind this phenomenon called exergames. Coined from “exercise” and “games”, exergames is the latest trend in video games combining traditional gaming with some form of…Read More

  7. YMCA Shoots at New Goal with the Addition of Exergaming!

    by Greg Fladager   The Casper Family YMCA is changing direction under a new director, and won City Council approval last week to shift a $500,000 One Cent Sales Tax grant toward improving exercise facilities and programs, rather than building a new entryway for the facility.   “We’d like to scale down the building project, to offer more services,” said Brent Kleinjan, the new CEO o…Read More

  8. Exergaming and Physical Activity

    Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Sanna Ronkainen  B.A. Guest blogger Video games, along with television and computers, are often maligned  as a major culprit in the obesity epidemic in America. Given the coincidence between the obesity epidemic and the onslaught of media (a study from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that one in five 8 to 18 year olds are exposed to at least 16 hours…Read More

  9. Adrian Middle School 5-6 opens Wii-based Fitness Room

    By Erik Gable Daily Telegram ADRIAN, Mich. — Students and staff at the Adrian Middle School 5-6 building on Friday inaugurated the school’s new Interactive Gaming Center, which will bring a technological twist to the AMS 5-6 physical education curriculum. The room is outfitted with eight Nintendo Wii video game consoles, donated by the Adrian Meijer store, that can be used for a variety of pro…Read More

  10. The new PE class: Active gaming

    By Dominique Dawes The idea of computer screens and joysticks replacing jump ropes and balls in Physical Education classes seems quite foreign to most of us adults. But the new gym class brings Active Gaming and technology to the forefront. Today kids are spending upwards of 40 hours a week in front of a computer, video or television screen, so Active Gaming advocates say why not bring them a game…Read More