The Treadwall is a fantastic addition to any health club. With the Treadwall, there’s nothing to strap on or nothing to start up. That’s right all you need to is get on and start climbing! The Treadwall is self-powered by climbing. It brings the capabilities of a climbing gym to a limited space of a health club or similar facility. There are various models to choose from that can blend into any environment. All you need to do is choose the one that you think best fits your facility!

Let’s be honest people aren’t looking for boring activities to when trying to stay active. When it comes to working out, they’re looking to be engaged and motivated. This is what the Treadwall brings to the table. People of all ages can get a full-body workout and learn to productively channel their energy while enjoying adventurous activity.

What are some reasons to get the Treadwall?

  • Reliable- Treadwall has a proven track record. With over 1,000 machines worldwide, Treadwall has been proven to popular hit among gym goers.
  • Safe- Climbers are never more than 1-2 feet off the floor. When they’re done using it, they just step onto the floor from a safe distance.
  • No Experience Necessary –Just get on and start climbing. The beauty of the Treadwall is you can set your own pace. As you climb, the Treadwall automatically adjusts.


This is a product that is great for all ages. Contact us today to learn more!