A recent study led my University of Manchester in the United Kingdom concluded that using Exergame equipment can boost brain function in older adults with cognitive impairments as well as maintain cognitive health in aging populations.

Some findings included that older users’ balance, pain and confidence significantly improved after 12 weeks of using the equipment. Also, there were small improvements in mood, fatigue and strength. Users reported positive physical, mental, and social outcomes such as being able to walk and stand for longer, feeling mentally sharper and enjoying meeting together with other adults to use the Exergame equipment! The games require them to perform body movements similar to traditional rehabilitation exercises. The study noted that patients would become so mentally involved in the game they were playing that they became oblivious to the pain of physical movement. They forget about their aches and pains because they’re having so much fun, which also has a positive effect on their recovery.

Even though the study is focused on seniors, “Exergaming” has a positive effect on people of all ages. Health Clubs are incorporating elements of Exergame into their traditional fitness area and exercise classes. Schools are using Exergame to enhance academic development. YMCA’s are adding this technology to their youth fitness and recreation programs. Bottom line, everyone can use “Exergaming” to increase physical activity. It helps push people to their physical limits while also maintaining and improving their mental health.

We will continue to assist in the fight against obesity in kids, teens, adults, and seniors!