Brain training refers to cognitive training that uses intense mental exercises to target and work on the brain’s cognitive skills. Having strong cognitive skills is critical because they’re the skills the brain uses to read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. The skills targeted by brain training include: attention skills, long and short-term memory, focus, and processing speed. One new way that is trending for brain training is through video games. Now this is where interactive fitness comes into play.

With Exergame, fitness is gamified. Children who struggle with reading, learning, focusing, and paying attention can all benefit from interactive fitness. The brain is forced to work extra hard as a lot of the products have LED lights that are meant to be hit in a certain amount of time. This helps children become more attentive and sharpen their cognitive skills. Below are three ways to help improve cognitive skills.

  • Focus on results– Customize each training session to the persons needs. Make sure you’re encouraging them to work past their comfort levels.
  • Focus on attitude– Always encourage them to have a positive attitude. Everyone will fail at some point but it’s key to encourage them to keep working hard as success isn’t always linear.
  • Encourage confidence– encourage children and adults to embrace the challenge. A lot of times especially for kids, they might lack confidence at first. It’s key to motivate them and recognize that it’s ok to struggle.

To conclude, I can’t stress enough the impact interactive fitness can have on children. It can put them in an environment that is fun for them. This can help kids stay active and sharpen their cognitive skills at the same time. Contact us today to learn more!