It has now been a few months since we brought Exergaming over to the YMCA of Franklin & Grove City and they have been very successful with their youth programs ever since! The YMCA of Franklin & Grove City received the Exerbikes and a tWall 32 for their youth fitness and youth recreation programs. Both of these systems of perfect for engaging kids who may not be into sports or fitness yet, it keeps them moving and smiling at the same time. For more interactive products for children check out our Youth X room solution.

The YMCA of Franklin & Grove City focus is on the member, and bringing people together to achieve common goals for the greater good. Their YMCA is much more than just a membership, they strengthen communities through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. They work with the surrounding area to ensure that all of us, regardless of your age, income or background, have a real chance to learn, grow and thrive. As a member of the YMCA of Franklin & Grove City, you are a part of something very big. It’s easy to stay active and involved.

It is great to see the YMCA of Franklin & Grove City take such a great interest in the Exergaming movement. They help solidify the concept for other YMCAs and are slowly building up a network of Exergaming rooms for their youth in the Pennsylvania area.

With the Exerbikes biking never gets boring! Ideal for kids and teenagers, this is the perfect item to help them get used to the gym. Works with the Xbox system, play while you ride!  Train for power, agility, endurance, & more with the tWall 32.  The tWall tests your personal limits resulting in the ultimate fitness gaming platform for any challenge.

We will continue delivering Exergaming and interactive fitness to schools, health clubs, and YMCAs all across Illinois and our great nation to fight youth obesity and improve fitness engagement. YMCAs and youth fitness have been the cornerstone of Exergame Fitness and will continue to be.

To see more pictures of the tWall 32 and Exerbike in a YMCA setting see the pictures of the YMCA of Franklin & Grove City here.

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