Our philosophy is to create fun and exciting environments where the worlds of technology and fitness intersect.

We call this Fitness 2.0, the next generation of interactive fitness through gaming.

Motivate Kids & Adults To Be Active

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Midtown Athletic Club

Midtown Athletic Club association has installed Exergame Fitness equipment at two of their locations: Bannockburn and Rochester.

Click Here for Pics of the Exergame Room!

UFC GYM Sunnyvale

The UFC Gym in Sunnyvale, CA, installed a tWall 64 for their members to train on. It allows for multiple styles of reaction, strength, and cardio training.

Click Here for Pics of the Exergame Room!


Pavigym Prama Room Solution

Pavigym’s Prama room is the ultimate interactive fitness solution for any serious health club. Customize everything from colors, exercises, reps, and more right from an iPad. There has never been a more engaging fitness space.

Check out the Prama Room in Detail Here!


Sport&Health in Rockville, MD, wanted to make sure that every person in their club had a chance to be active even the kids. That’s why they built their Kidz Klub that features part of our Exergame Playground Room.

Click Here for Pics of the Exergame Room!

ASANA Wellness Center

The ASANA Wellness Center is a new, upandcoming health club that focuses on functional and interactive fitness. They received a Spvivi system, Active Floor Markings, and more for their club!

Click Here for Pics of the Exergame Room!

Health & Fitness Club Benefits for users playing an Exergame or participating in an Exergame Challenge experienced benefits like:

  • Increased user activity levels by an average of 33 percent while they played the game
  • 70 percent of users joining the Exergame challenge just so they could stay healthier
  • 54 percent of users setting increased activity/step goals for themselves over the challenge
  • Over 50 percent of kid participants got their families involved in exercising as well
  • When students were motivating each other to be more active, 62 percent tried harder to do this during the challenge
  • Working as a team to accomplish activities/step goals increased by over 75 percent